Top 3 Endless Android games You must not miss in 2019

Android Phones are like a device from the future that can keep you entertained 24 hours a day if you wish too, there are too many varieties of things you can do on Android phones like Playing games, Connect with your friends, and watch movies, Go on a virtual tour using a Virtual reality Device. Today we are about to discuss the top 3 Endless games available for Android. Endless games are basically those which doesn’t have an end to the game and users aim to score their best and compete with their friend’s scores. Without wasting further time, let’s get into the subject.

Top Endless games for android phones

Top 3 Endless Android Games

  1. Temple Run series: Temple run is one of the oldest Android Games that won the love of all the android users. It is developed by Imangi Studios who gained massive popularity after this game, in fact, before 6-7  years people bought Android phones just to play Temple Run and Make a score that can amaze their friends. Temple run is a Game where the Main character of the game keeps Running Endlessly through different tracks according to the version of the game you are playing and the main motive is to avoid all the obstacles on the way or else you will be eaten by the monster that’s following you continuously. The graphics of the game is on point and one can’t ask for more entertaining Game to pass the time.
  2. Geometry Dash: Geometry Dash is a popular online game that is also available for Android and iOS devices now, this game is mainly about Shapes, the Triangular character you are given is to be taken to the farthest Distance possible in the game without getting hit on any of the Obstacles in between. You can move the character up and down to dodge the obstacles. This is a Viral Online game that is still loved by most of the Online Game Geeks, And not to mention it gives a tough challenge to even those who claim themselves as a pro gamer. Try it out yourself and comment your score below.
  3. Subway Surfer: Subway Surfer is a Game that was inspired by Temple Run, but the graphics even better than any version of temple run. The backdrop of the game is on a Railway track and the main character who loves to make graffiti is being followed by a Police Official on the tracks and you have to surf through the Railway lines safely without getting hit by the trains. The different powers you get while running is exciting and makes the game more special.

Hope you will love our suggestion of games, Try these games on your smartphones right now and comment the best scores you have got in the game, let’s see who is the pro gamer here. And if any of your friend is often confused about what game to play on his android, don’t forget to share link of this article with them. keep visiting Alfredo100 for more awesome android guides.

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